Endoscopy Spine Surgery

One of the most common causes of backache, treated surgically, is slip disc (Lumbar & Cervical Disc Harniation).

Laser/RF Discectomy

By laser, we can modulate the hearniated disk and permanently treat the backache by just introducing a needle.

Spinal Fusion

Many spinal diseases cause back pain and eventually destabilized the spine. They make it weak and unstable, like long standing slip disc, tumors.

Cervical Surgery

Pain in the neck with or without radiation to arm can be because of many reasons , most common being degeneration, slip disc , infection and tumor.


Dr. Priyank Patel is a Minimally invasive spine surgeon practicing in Mumbai and Thane. He masters in back pain management without surgery, Mini invasive surgeries, spinal cord injuries, Spine bone cancer. He received the Prestigious Spine Foundation Fellowship by Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj in Mumbai.







6 to 92% of Indian population suffers from Low Back Pain. People older than 35 years of age, female's, heavy workers, obese, people with sedentary lifestyle, smokers are at an increased likelihood. In case you fall into any of the above categories and are suffering from low back pain, consult your spine specialist now and get yourself evaluated.


An active conservative approach that designs the treatment plan tailored to patient's needs is recommended. 70 percent of spine patients can be successfully treated with conservative therapies that do not involve surgery. Our team will identify the least invasive and most effective treatment options to treat your pain, restore your functions and prevent your pain from recurring.

Our conservative approach can often make surgery unnecessary, or delay the need for surgery as a treatment option. We begin your treatment at the level of care you need, in most cases, you will see a physical therapist or spine physician. We don't consider surgical care unless appropriate conservative therapies fail to deliver relief.



The Spine Clinic well managed and organised clinic, staffs are well trained and co- operative. Dr.Priyank Patel is very nice doctor, explained every thing to me very well, he listen to his patients very well. After two weeks physiotherapy advised by Dr. Priyank my back pain completely gone. I will recommend Dr. Priyank Patel and his entire team

-Mrs. Sushmita Parab

I got my surgery done for slip disc from Dr. Priyank. I got relived from my pain. Dr. Priyank is very friendly. He explains everything in detail. Half of your pain will reduce when you talk to him. He is easily approachable. Always ready to answer your queries, may be what time you call him. He is a wonderful doctor along with that he is a wonderful person.

-Mrs. Nancy Pedare

My first time at The Spine Clinic the experience was great as compared to Apollo clinic.It was good to be treated with professionalism and care.coming here was like dealing with trusted family and would not prefer changing doctor.

-Mr. Rahil

The experience was the best.. I did not felt that i am meeting doctor for the first time, he was friendly and welcoming. He explained us the facts and figured very intensively and properly acknowledged us with spine problem. Thoroughly experienced doctor. He was very suggestive for the treatment according to patient comfort. Never gave up replying to repeated questions by patient.

-Mrs. Chandrika Panchal

It was excellent the way he explained about the health it was superb. He was very friendly and helpful nature he prescribed us perfectly as we were very scared for our health but meeting with him cleared all our doubts n.. Thanks to him.

-Mr. Ajay Agarwal

Assessment was very thorough looking at the spine and the nerves that were being affected. Dr Priyank Patel explains things thoroughly, but in as simple terms as possible, and makes sure that you're comfortable throughout it all. I arrived, never had anything like this before and was instantly put at ease from the friendly nature and ease of explanation.

-Mr. Franklin






• >35 years of age

• Female

• Low Back Pain > 12 weeks

• Find it difficult to perform their day to day activities


Consult your doctor and get yourself evaluated