Epidural Steroid Injection (ESI)

These injections refer to the procedure where the medicine is injected into the epidural space. Epidural space is the area outside the dural sac (sac encasing the spinal cord, spinal fluid and nerve roots). Usually long-acting steroids are used for this procedure. This helps to reduce the inflammation around the nerves and offers pain relief.

Conditions Treated 

Epidural steroid injections are used to treat pain that originates from the nerves and radiate down the arms of legs. It may used for a variety of conditions like herniated disc, stenosis, nerve root compression and post surgical scaring and inflamed nerves

During Procedure

  • Your spine doctor may refer you to an anesthetist for this procedure.
  • Your doctor will speak to the anesthetist regarding the problem and make a plan for the same.
  • You will lie with your face down or be seated depending on the area to be injected
  • An intravenous line will be secured.
  • The skin at the site of injections will be cleaned.
  • The skin is numbed with medication and medicine will be injected in the epidural space
  • The whole procedure takes around 30- 60 minutes.

 After Procedure:

  • You will be allowed on the same day after the procedure.
  • The doctor will speak to you after the procedure and assess your pain.
  • You may be able to go home after a few hours after the procedure or the next day.


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