Facet and Sacroiliac Joint (SI) Rhizotomy

Spinal joints and sacroiliac joints are often source of disabling pain. Initial treatment includes medication, physiotherapy, and activity modification. Radiofrequency, Rhizotomy is a procedure that is extremely beneficial for patients with back pain having failed conservative methods. Based on the pain relief after joint/ sacroiliac injections, Rhizotomy offers long lasting and often permanent pain relief. The procedure involves using very fine probes to target the nerves around the joint that carry the pain signals. The probe then heats up the nerves and results in pain relief.

Conditions Treated

facet joints and sacroiliac joint arthritis not responding to medicines

During Procedure

  • You will lie with your face down.
  • An intravenous line will be secured.
  • You will be given some light sedation or anesthesia.
  • The skin at the site of injections will be cleaned.
  • The skin is numbed with medication.
  • Under X-ray guidance, the area under interest will be approached with fine needles/ probes.
  • Rhizotomy is done at the target area.
  • The whole procedure takes around 30- 60 minutes.

After Procedure:

  • You will be allowed on the same day after the procedure.
  • The doctor will speak to you after the procedure and assess your pain.
  • You may be able to go home after a few hours after the procedure.


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