Facet joints of the spine like other mobile joints of the body degenerate with time and can cause pain. If medicines fail to provide adequate relief, injecting some medication inside these joints may be considered. These injections can provide relief from pain for days, years or in some cases, permanently.

Conditions Treated 

Facet arthritis

During Procedure

  • You will lie with your face down.
  • An intravenous line will be secured.
  • The skin at the site of injections will be cleaned.
  • The skin is numbed with medication.
  • Under X-ray guidance, the spine joints will be targeted using very thin needles.
  • You may feel some pressure when the needles are inserted but the doctor will speak to you as the procedure is  going on and reassuring you all the time.
  • The medication is injected into the joint.
  • The whole procedure takes around 30- 60 minutes.

After Procedure:


  • You will be allowed to walk in the procedure room or in the recover.
  • The doctor will speak to you after the injection and assess your pain relief.
  • You may be able to go home after a few hours after the procedure.

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