Nerve root irritation or compression may result in pain travelling down the leg or the arm. This can be due to chronic nerver compression or acute disc prolapse. Selective nerve root block (SNRB) is a procedure where a combination of anesthetic agent and steroid is injected directly around the inflamed nerve without entering the epidural space.

Conditions Treated

nerve root irritation because of chronic compression , acute disc prolapse, spondylolisthesis

During Procedure

  • You will lie with your face down.
  • An intravenous line will be secured.
  • The skin at the site of injections will be cleaned.
  • The skin is numbed with medication.
  • Under X-ray guidance, fine needles are used to reach the nerve to be targeted.
  • A contrast dye is used to make sure correct placement of the needle.
  • You may feel some pressure when the needles are inserted but the doctor will speak to you as the procedure is going on and reassuring you all the time.
  • The medication is injected around the nerve.
  • The whole procedure takes around 30- 60 minutes.

After Procedure:

  • You will be under observation for 30 mins
  • The doctor will speak to you after the injection and assess your pain relief.
  • You may be able to go home couple hours after the procedure.

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